Kiwi Voice Apps

New Zealand Alexa Skills List

My Pizzeria Games

Fun strategy game - Be the boss of your own pizzeria and see how much profit you can make in the face of an unknown community demographic and random events.

Burger Baron Games

Run the best Burger Biz on Alexa! Multiplayer strategy game where you compete with others to sell the most burgers for highest profit.

What's seasonal? Cooking & Recipes

Find out the latest seasonal produce that's appearing at your local farmers market in New ZealandNote: This is a flash briefing skill

Animal Spirit Games

Have you ever wondered what kind of animal you are most like? Answer some simple yes/no questions so your animal spirit can be revealed!Animal Spirit is a fun game that can be played with family and friends

Air New Zealand Flight Finders

With the Air New Zealand Skill for Alexa, it’s easier than ever to keep on top of your travel plans

Salary Doctor Business & Finance

Easily convert income between hourly, weekly, monthly and yearly rates, and calculate tax and take-home pay.

Luminate Quiz Education & Reference

You’re on a TAPS Programme and preparing for the online theory test, which you must pass in order to complete this programme

Red Riding Hood - Interactive Story Games

From the Twisted Tales library, Red Riding Hood is an immersive interactive story for kids that lets you – the listener – play the part of Red Riding Hood OR the Big Bad Wolf, living the stories from their point of view

The Best Fireplace Sounds Health & Fitness

In one skill, you can listen to multiple types of fireplace sounds