Salary Doctor

Salary Doctor - Alexa Skill

Salary Doctor allows you to:

  • Easily convert income between hourly, weekly, monthly and yearly rates.
  • Learn some interesting facts about tax, salaries, and employment.
  • Calculate tax and take-home pay (for New Zealand only)

Depending on the language and locale of your alexa/echo device, you might need to set the country the first time you use this skill, by saying Alexa, set country to New Zealand.

Here are some example phrases to try:

  • Alexa, convert $90,000
  • Alexa, convert $700
  • Alexa, convert $20
  • Alexa, convert $20 hourly pay into monthly wage

  • Alexa, breakdown $110,000
  • Alexa, calculate tax on $50,000 salary
  • Alexa, calculate tax on $9,000 monthly pay

  • Alexa, how much cash do I get on $160,000 salary
  • Alexa, what's my take home pay on $70,000

  • Alexa, tell me something!

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  • Alexa, ask salary doctor to convert 80000 dollars
  • Alexa, ask salary doctor to set country to New Zealand
  • Alexa, ask salary doctor to list features

Supported Languages:

  • English (AU)
  • English (CA)
  • English (GB)
  • English (IN)
  • English (US)